Yalqun Rozi

Salient allegations
Cultural targeting
Rozi is a prominent Uyghur intellectual who worked in publishing. His son, Kamaltürk Yalqun, lives in Philadelphia in exile and spoke to the Financial Times about his father's fifteen years jail sentence. This occurred in the wider context of the Chinese state cracking down on Uyghur textbook authors and intellectuals for perceived subversion. His father was an author of a textbook that had been "used, without incident, across schools in Xinjiang" for over a decade. "'My father wanted Uighur society to become intellectually strong, a critically thinking society,' Yalqun told the FT. Rozi would take aim at what he saw as bad habits, such as extravagant spending on luxurious clothes or constant partying. On October 6 2016, Yalqun had telephoned his father for a regular catch-up, but the call ended abruptly. 'It’s not a good time. I’m about to be taken away,' he recalls his father telling him. 'That was the last time I spoke to my father.' He would later discover that Rozi had been jailed for 15 years on charges of 'inciting subversion of state power'."
Testimony type
by relative