Rahile Dawut

Salient allegations
Cultural targeting
Rahile was a prolific scholar of Uyghur folklore and culture. She has been missing for three years after reportedly being ordered to Beijing in December 2017. Her case has been covered prominently by international media (see e.g. here in The Diplomat). Her daughter, Akida Pulat, told Darren Byler in an interview: "Sometimes I tell my Chinese friends that my mother is missing and it feels like they don’t believe me. When I post testimony videos or interviews many Han people tell me that I am telling lies. They say, ‘Your mom must be a terrorist.’ I believe that many people have humanity at their core. They just don’t know what is actually happening in Northwest China. I don’t think most Chinese people know that it is happening. You can’t hear anything about it from the media they are used to. If they hear it is happening from the Western media, they think it is just them trying to humiliate China. If they knew, they would say this is wrong. I hope that this is true. First they have to understand that this is happening. They are detaining innocent Uyghurs. I tell my Han friends they don’t need to say something for my mother. But it is true that innocent people are being detained. I would stand up for anyone who is innocent. This is what I believe in." You can also see a short video by Akida here.
Testimony type
by relative