Legal Training School and Related Project Construction in Qizil, Yengisar

(Correction: I originally misidentified this as in Yengisheher (Yengishähär) County 疏勒县, not Yengisar 英吉沙县. My bad.)

This contract posted on July 3, 2017 (archived here) is for renovation of facilities at an existing Legal Training School. Most notably, it includes building new infrastructure that shows a degree of securitization not previously present: surveillance infrastructure and a wall/fence with barbed wire. This suggests that the school was possibly expanding capacity, and moreover that it was anticipating attempts to escape or other security issues that were not previous concerns.


Qizil, Yengisar Legal Training School and Related Project Construction

一、招标条件 英吉沙县克孜勒乡法制培训学校及附属工程已经由英发改字【2017】55号批准建设。招标人为英吉沙县克孜勒乡人民政府,工程所需资金来源为财政。项目已具备招标条件,现对该项目的英吉沙县克孜勒乡法制培训学校及附属工程施工进行公开招标。本次招标计划投资额为110.00万元,评标办法为经评审的最低投标价法(工程量清单计价方式)。本工程拟采用资格后审方法选择合适的投标报名人参加投标。

I. Bid invitation conditions The Legal Training School and Related Project Construction in Qizil Township, Yengisar County has been approved for construction under Yengisar Reform and Development Commission (2017) Document No. 55. The bidder is the Qizil Township People's Government and the requisite funding comes from government finances. The Qizil, Yengisar Legal Training School and Related Project Construction bidding conditions are set and it is now open for bidding. The planned investment sum for this bid is ¥1.1 million, and the bid will be evaluated by the lowest offers (a priced bill of quantities method). It is intended that this project adopt the post-qualification method to select suitable applicants for bidding.

二、项目概况与招标范围 1. 本次招标项目的建设地点:英吉沙县克孜勒乡乡政府旁 2. 工程规模:对原有法制培训学校进行改扩建,总面积300平方米;新建彩钢房卫生间浴室一座;配套附属改扩建主要为:监控、围墙、围墙铁丝网、防护栏、厕所浴室上下水管道等;具体详见招标文件。 3. 本公告共划分为1个标段

II. Project overview and bid scope 1. Bid construction location: Adjacent to the Township Government in Qizil, Yengisar 2. Project scale: Expansion and upgrade of the existing Legal Training School, a total of 300 sq. m. [approx. 3200 sq. ft.]; [to include] one new colored steel bathroom with a shower; related construction and expansion will primarily [include]: monitoring [equipment], wall, barbed wire fence, guard rails, toilet and bathroom water piping, etc.; for details, see the bidding documents. 3. This bid is divided into a single bid segment.

标段编号: YJS2017070213100101001 标段名称: 英吉沙县克孜勒乡法制培训学校及附属工程施工 招标范围: [Same text as II.2] 工期(天): 0

Bid segment ID: YJS2017070213100101001 Bid segment name: Qizil, Yengisar Legal Training School and Related Project Construction Bid scope: [Same text as II.2] Period (days): 0 [Presumably a typo or copying error]

[Note: everything after this part is just extremely lightly edited machine translation because it's boring and unimportant]

三、投标人资格要求 1.资质等级及范围:[施工总承包建筑工程三级](含)以上 2.项目负责人资质类别和等级:[建筑工程二级](含)以上 3.本次招标不接受联合体投标。 4.其他要求:投标人须具备建筑工程施工总承包叁级(含叁级)以上资质,具有类似业绩且无不良记录,在企业当地开具的无行贿犯罪证明,授权委托人须具有6个月社保证明;项目经理具备建筑专业贰级注册建造师职业资格,具备有效的安全生产考核合格书,并未担任其他在建工程项目的建造师;报名时须携带营业执照(三证合一)、资质证书、安全生产许可证、注册建造师证和安全生产考核合格书、授权委托书及被委托人身份证及社保证明、无行贿犯罪证明;外地施工企业需具备进疆备案册,上述证件均为原件并携带加盖公章的复印件一套。

III. Bidding qualifications 1. Qualification level and scope: [construction engineering level three] (inclusive) and above 2. Qualification category and level of the person in charge of the project: [Construction Engineering Level 2] (inclusive) and above 3. This tender does not accept consortium bids. 4. Other requirements: The bidder must have the qualifications for general contracting of construction projects at level three (including level three) or higher, with similar performance and no bad records, and a certificate of no crime of bribery issued locally for the enterprise. The authorized representative must have a 6-month social guarantee certificate. The project manager must have the professional qualification of a second-level registered constructor in the construction profession, have a valid safety production assessment certificate, and have not served as a constructor for other projects under construction. The business license (three certificates in one) and qualification certificate, a Work Safety Permit, Certificate of Registered Construction Engineer and Certificate of Work Safety Assessment, legal representative authorization, ID card of the authorized person, and a certificate of social security and no crime of bribery must be brought when registering; foreign construction enterprises must have a record book for entering Xinjiang. The above documents should all be original, and bring a copy with an official seal.

四、投标报名 1.报名时间:从 2017年07月03日 10时00分 到 2017年07月07日 19时30分 2.报名地点:英吉沙县建设工程交易中心 3.保证金子帐号:

IV. Bid Registration 1. Registration time: from 10:00 am on July 3, 2017 to 7:30 pm on July 7, 2017 2. Registration location: Yengisar County Construction Engineering Trading Center 3. Guaranteed deposit account: [Blank]

五、招标文件获取 1.领取时间:2017年07月08日至2017年07月12日,每日上午10:00至,下午至19:30 2.领取方式:英吉沙县建设工程交易中心(英吉沙县住房和城乡建设局四楼) 3.招标文件费用:500.00(元)

V. Obtaining Bidding Documents 1. Collection time: July 08, 2017 to July 12, 2017, daily from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm 2. Collection method: Yengisar County Construction Engineering Trading Center (Yengisar County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, fourth floor) 3. Bidding document free: ¥500.00

六、其他说明 交易中心联系人:布瓦吉 电话:15001498982 15384988982 七、发布公告的媒介 本次招标公告同时在新疆建设工程信息网、喀什地区建设网上发布

VI. Other instructions Contact person of the trading center: Buwaji Tel: 15001498982 15384988982 VII. The medium of announcement The bid announcement was also released on the Xinjiang Construction Engineering Information Network and the Kashgar Area Construction Network.