Tursynbek Kabiuly

Salient allegations
Medical issuesAbuse or torture
Kabiuly was held for 17 months in China before his release and return to Kazakhstan. As the article details, he was one of nine released detainees undergoing crowdsourced treatment of medical issues following their detention. "Kabiuly, an ethnic Kazakh who hails from Emin county in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, says he owes the burst eardrum in his right ear to a guard in the police detention center where he was held arbitrarily for six days last year with minimal food and water. During a trip to a restroom, Kabiuly resorted to slurping from a tap in order to quench his thirst. The guard waiting for him outside lost his temper and struck Kabiuly around the head so hard that his ear bled from the pain."
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