Isaq Peyzul & Zohre Talip

Salient allegations
Surveillance/ProfilingUnknown crime
Account of husband and wife Isaq Peyzul and Zohre Talip, relayed by their daughter, Zulhumar (Humar) Isaac, who now lives in the US and attended Mandarin-medium schooling by choice as a child in Hami, Xinjiang. This piece does not romanticize Uyghur life, and extensively speaks of Humar's frustrations with Uyghur culture, including misogyny and prejudice against the Han. "[Zohre] told Humar they would both have to be careful; they could not express sadness, confusion or anger [about ethnic riots] in front of her party colleagues. If they did, she would be categorized as having minzu qingxu, an emotional attachment to your ethnic group, a mark of political unreliability for a non-Han minority." Zohre was detained in fall 2018 was Humar was in Sweden, where her Han husband was studying at the University of Uppsala. Isaq was taken shortly thereafter.
Testimony type
by relative