Ekram and Behram Yarmuhemmed, Husenjan Asqar

Salient allegations
Brothers taken to internment camps after being deemed too religious. Account given by their aunt, Gulruy Aqsar, who also details the disappearence of her brother, Husenjan, a linguist. "When Gulruy Asqar first heard that her nephew Ekram Yarmuhemmed had been taken away by the Chinese police, she feared it was her fault. It was 2016, and she had recently moved to the US from Xinjiang, the region in north-west China that is the traditional homeland of her people, the Turkic-speaking Uighurs. ... In fact, a former classmate had reported Yarmuhemmed’s family as being overly religious, resulting in a police search of the family home."
Testimony type
by relative