Zumrat Dawut

Salient allegations
Dawut tells her story to the Washington Post, stating she was detained for 62 days beginning in March 2018. Her husband, Imran Muhammad, is Pakistani, and she believes she was released quickly because Muhammad used connections to Pakistani diplomats to pressure China. Most notably, however, are Dawut's allegations about sterilization: "She was then told the government was offering her a free, surgical sterilization — a procedure she did not want but was terrified to refuse lest she be detained again." It should be noted that the family is applying for asylum in the United States, and thus has a material motive for their story to be as convincing and concerning as possible, given the often callous restrictions inherent in US immigration law. At the same time, the article notes that Dawut was extremely fearful about publishing the article, and "at one point, she asked that The Post shelve the story because she feared for her family in China." Dawut's account was cited by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a speech during his September 30-October 2, 2019 visit to the Vatican. On October 13, the Global Times, a Chinese tabloid affiliated with CCP media outlet the People's Daily, published an article about Dawut's brother, who reportedly calls her testimony and Pompeo's speech a fabrication.
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