Rezile Nalale

Salient allegations
Forced labor
Rezile Nalale is a college graduate who worked in Ürümqi. Her parents live in Kazakhstan, ad after visited them in August 2018, they say she vanished. "Four months later a stranger contacted [her mother, Nurbakyt] Kaliaskar online and confirmed her fear: her daughter had been detained for 'political training.' ... Last month, Kaliaskar got word via a friend who knows the family that Nulale was working in a factory next to the camp where she had been detained. The friend had heard from Kaliaskar’s brother, who had visited Nulale, bringing medicine for an injured hand. Kaliaskar learned her daughter wasn’t being paid and had to meet a daily quota of three articles of clothing. She couldn’t leave. Her uncle thought she looked pale and thin."
Testimony type
by relative