PRC denial of reeducation centers at the UN

The following is a transcription of the original Chinese and English interpretation Hu Lianhe's statement regarding allegations of mass internment before United Nations 96th Session Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination on August 13, 2018. The video can be found here; the timing is according to the English interpreter's speech.

1:08:15 People of all ethnic groups live and work in peace and contentment, and the freedom of religious belief is fully guaranteed. 各族人民安居乐业,宗教信仰自由得到充分保障。

1:08:27 There is no arbitrary detention or lack of freedom [of] religious belief. The so-called 'Xinjiang is a no-rights zone' is completely against the facts. 不存在任意押的问题,不存在没有宗教信仰自由的问题,所谓‘新疆是无权区‘的观点是与事实完全不符的。[Had trouble making out this syllable; Hu's accent is a little strange. Sounds more like 羁? Either way, the overall meaning remains functionally the same]

1:08:45 There are no such things as reeducation centers. It must be pointed out that Xinjiang is a victim of terrorism, in an effort to secure the life and property of all ethnic groups in the region, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has taken—has undertaken a special campaign to crack down on violent terrorist activities according to law, 新疆不存在所谓的再教育中心。必须指出的是,新疆是恐怖主义的受害地。为保障各族人民的生命财产安全,新疆维吾尔自治区根据刑法、反恐怖主义法等有关法律开展了打击暴力恐怖犯罪的行动,

1:09:14 and put on trial and imprisoned a number of criminals involved in severe offenses in accordance with the law. [recall that leaked documents from the Xinjiang Papers show the Party explicitly considers mass internment and reeducation to be separate from the criminal justice system] 依法审判和收监了一批罪行严重的犯罪分子。

1:09:27 With respect to criminals involved only in minor offenses , authorities provide them with a system of education by assigning them to vocational, education and employment training centers to acquire [and] implement skills and legal knowledge, with a view to assisting in their rehabilitation and reintegration. [Recall that Qiu 2017 explicitly states all of these different names of programs are for the same detention programs] 对于违法犯罪轻微的人员,这依照有管法律与反恐怖主义法有关条款对其进行帮教,让他们在职业技能教育培训中心学习和掌握就业职能和法律知识,让他们尽快在社会上正常就业生活,

Hu goes on to flatly deny the 1,000,000 detained number as well before moving on to discussing freedom of religion and the protection of "normal religious activities."