Aishanjiang Kari

Salient allegations
Unknown crime
As relayed by his wife, Gulshan Manapova, herself an Uzbek citizen: "I came with my husband to Kazakhstan and we opened a shop here. We were just starting our business when he was arrested. He was going to visit some of our factories in Ürümqi. As soon as he entered China, his passport was taken from him. He was brought to Atush, his birthplace. ... He called me to say he was going to be taken to a camp. I don’t know if I’m going to be back or not, he said. He couldn’t say any more. He couldn’t describe his situation. What are you going to do? I asked. Why are you being sent to a camp? To study, he said. But you’re old, I told him. You’re almost fifty. He said that one of his relatives—almost eighty years old—was already studying in the same camp. Age is irrelevant, he said. That was last October. Since then, he’s vanished. I heard he’s in prison now."
Testimony type
by relative