about me

Hi! My name is Jake. I live in Washington, D.C., and work at a place where my bosses thankfully could not give less of a flip about me insulting various notable people in Twitter like an obnoxious little gremlin. I am in my 20s and as such believe myself to be mostly right about everything.

I come from a conservative upbringing that entailed not a small amount of fundamentalist evangelical schooling in Texas. I eventually went to the University of Chicago and now sit on the further reaches of the left of the American political spectrum. Like most young lefties, I have a streak of snarky impudence and self-righteousness, but at least I'm partially self-aware about it.

During the pandemic, I started a silly little Twitter account called Bad China Takes. It unexpectedly took off due to what I can only assume is the killer combination of wit and erudition sprinkled with my unfortunately-not-too-contrived sassy gay best friend persona.

One of the consequences of this rapid ascent was less than stellar privacy guarding on my end, which hilariously resulted in my dramatic unmasking by one of the more moronic members of the Republican National Committee. So here we are!