Breaking Down the Xinjiang Crisis

The Twitter Left—the only Left that matters, really—is often woefully uninformed on the research that more hardline elements among them work assiduously to discredit. This is an ongoing effort to summarize major documents, reports, and other resources that establish a fairly clear picture of what I have come to believe qualifies as cultural genocide against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Done with the help of a cohort of CIA-paid agitprop writers some buddies from college and Twitter and stuff.

This is a work in progress, and much of the context for these documents might be missing if you're unfamiliar with what's going on, though I've tried to fill in details where possible. Feel free to DM me on Twitter with any questions/corrections! (October 2020)

Completed translations and commentary:

Part I: Early years

Islamophobia and Party Policy in 2013: Evidence from Turpan
Contracting documents cited by Adrian Zenz
PRC denial of reeducation centers at the UN
Work team stationed in Dunbage
Qiu 2017: CCP research on mass internment

Other resources you should take a look at:

Selection of journalist accounts
  • The Xinjiang Documentation Project at the University of British Columbia
  • The Xinjiang Victims Database, which attempts to document and catalog alleged victims and sort their testimony (or more often, relatives' testimony) based on corroborating evidence
  • If you're looking for a mega-bibliography, this Google Doc is great, but some of the resources presuppose a familiarity with the region/PRC/Mandarin to varying degrees, which might be overwhelming if you aren't someone like me who knows everything about China, ever.

In Progress/to-do:

What does cultural genocide mean, what are its human rights implications, and what does it mean for the Left, which should be extremely wary of calls for war from the right (particularly in the United States)? (I capitalize Left cuz it's better than right)
Translation and summary of: 新疆维吾尔自治区去极端化条例 [Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region De-extremification Regulations], which show a blatantly Islamophobic approach to "de-extremification" work that functionally criminalizes completely pedestrian religious behavior like wearing hijab.
Explanation and breakdown of: Zenz, "'Thoroughly Reforming Them Towards a Healthy Heart Attitude': China’s Political Re-Education Campaign in Xinjiang", including issues with verification and the overall strengths of the article
Translation and explanation of: Qiu, 紧紧围绕总目标 做好“去极端化”教育转化工作 ["Closely Center upon the Main Goal—Do the Job of 'De-extremification' Transformation through Education Well'], a document since disappeared from the Internet written by a Xinjiang Party School researcher.
Overview of the New York Times' Xinjiang Papers and ICIJ China Cables, particularly regarding the assertion that the former are faked.
Later on: Summarizing the ASPI database, Buzzfeed satellite imagery report, and answers to common objections, including miscellaneous Twitter misinformation, "but these Muslim countries support it," and so on.
Detailed breakdown of some of the more prominent denialist docs and Twitter threads, few of which hold up to substantive scrutiny, in my opinion.