Relatives of Nurdoukht Khudonazarova Taghdumbashi

Salient allegations
Personal essay
Nurdoukht's account is thoroughly political, and while brief, it is powerful. “There haven’t been any responses from my Baba-jaan’s relatives in Kashgar in our family group chat for almost two years now. [...] Increasingly, there were mentions of what was happening to Uyghurs and Muslim minorities in 'Xinjiang' — but mostly for the purpose of contributing to a larger narrative meant to reiterate negative, sensationalist, xenophobic, psychocultural perceptions about China as an economic threat to the United States (and 'the West') in the midst of Trump’s trade war. Nothing was done to uplift the voices of communities calling attention to ongoing state violence. Instead, our suffering was tokenized for an imperialist prerogative.“ "The response from various self-proclaimed left-leaning individuals on the internet with large followings has been to express denialist remarks about the existence of the camps entirely, or to outrightly defend such policies even if doing so contradicts their previous statements in support of prison abolition or against the global Islamophobia industrial complex. Rather than focus on uplifting the voices of impacted communities or developing an analysis of how various voices have been tokenized and politically manipulated in order to promote US military aggression in the name of humanitarian intervention, the denialist response has instead promoted the idea that we are unworthy of transnationalist solidarity."
Testimony type
by relative