Breaking Down the Xinjiang Crisis

This is an ongoing effort to summarize and translate major documents, reports, and other resources that establish a fairly clear picture of what I have come to believe qualifies as cultural genocide against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. This is a work in progress. Feel free to DM me on Twitter with any questions/corrections!

Part I: Background preliminary evidence

This section focuses on background to and the early stages of current policy in Xinjiang (up to 2017), and a critical analysis of the research paper published by Zenz in 2018 that significantly increased focus on the crisis.

Islamophobia and Party Policy in 2013: Evidence from Turpan
The Extremely Broad 2017 Xinjiang De-extremification Regulations
Qiu 2017: CCP research on mass internment
PRC denial of reeducation centers at the UN
Overview of Zenz 2018: "Thoroughly Reforming Them Towards a Healthy Heart Attitude"
Selected contracting documents cited by Zenz

Part II: Primary evidence—testimony, leaked documents, satellite imagery; further developments and discoveries

The Xinjiang Papers
Select table of victim and relative testimony
Outsiders' accounts of Xinjiang
Direct, written evidence from Party cadres

▫️ ICIJ China Cables

▫️ Satellite imagery: what it does and does not prove

▫️ Allegations of forced labor and forced sterilization

Part III: Answering objections—denialist documents, common arguments, and PRC media depictions


Why would some people lie?

▫️ Testimony from Xinjiang: who do we believe, and why?

▫️ Most Muslim countries support China anyways

▫️ Chinese media and independent sources show that these camps are humane

▫️ This is an attempt to smear China by the West through compliant think tanks

▫️ The scale is nowhere near what's claimed by Western sources

▫️ Miscellaneous objections thrown around on Twitter

Part IV: So what?

Even forthercoming!

▫️Islamophobia, the War on Terror, and Chinese parallels

▫️“Genocide” and Xinjiang—what is the appropriate term for the crisis?

▫️What can other countries do, if anything?

Other resources:

List of academics on Xinjiang