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Thanks to the translator of this piece, who wishes to remain anonymous. Any mistakes are my responsibility, however, as I edited the translation.

The following is a recruitment advertisement for a Division of the XPCC (archived here). Interestingly, the Division is only 45% Han, making it much more diverse than the 86%-Han XPCC. This is a lengthy brochure (not all pictures are included below) but to summarize briefly: this ad shows how the XPCC recruits from regions outside Xinjiang (implicitly seeking Han) with lavish salaries, land grants, and benefits designed to encourage permanent settlement by recruited personnel. A police officer with a high school education can expect a salary almost triple the national average salary in 2019, along with massive subsidies for housing, medical care, and education.



Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Hiring Overview

Published: 2020-02-13

团场简介 新疆生产建设兵团第三师五十团位于图木舒克市,团部距市区18公里,距图木舒克机场6公里。全团常住人口2.6万人,汉族人口占45%。设3个城镇社区、19个农业连队、3所中小学、1所医院。国土、司法、公安、监狱、武警、林场、保险、银行、邮政、通信、电力等13个驻团单位。各类企业公司21家。全团土地规划面积79万亩,其中耕地面积24万亩,农业机械化率达85%%u4EE5上。主产棉花、红枣、甘草、枸杞、羊。五十团是个美丽的地方,这里有山有水有林。山是色彩斑斓具有雅丹地貌的达坂山和粗犷神秘的黑山,水是新疆最大平原水库—小海子水库,库容7亿立方;林是23.6万亩原始胡杨林;还有中国最美的塔克拉玛干沙漠,可以说风景尤唯独好。2017年由北疆强师第六师五家渠市代管后,进入历史发展重大机遇期。

Introduction to the XPCC site The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps’ 3rd Division, 50th Regiment is located in the city of Tumxuk. The Regiment is 18 kilometers away from the city and 6 kilometers away from Tumxuk Tangwangcheng Airport. 26,000 individuals live in the Regiment throughout the year, of whom 45% are Han. There are 3 urban communities, 19 agricultural Companies, 3 elementary and secondary schools, and 1 hospital. There are 13 work units within the Regiment, including Land Resources, Justice, Public Security, Prison, Armed Police, Forestry, Insurance, Banking, Postal Services, Communications, Electrical Works, and others. There are also 21 companies and enterprises. The Regiment is assigned 790,000 mu of land [approx. 530 sq. km.], of which 240,000 mu [160 sq. km.] is used for farming; more than 85% of agriculture is mechanized. The main agricultural products are cotton, red dates, Chinese liquorice, goji berries, and sheep. The 50th Regiment is a beautiful place with mountains, water, and forests. The colourful mountains include Dabanshan’s yardang formations and the primitive, mysterious black mountains. Water is from the Xiaohaizi Reservoir, Xinjiang’s largest plain reservoir with a volume of 700,000,000 cubic meters. [There are] forests of native desert poplars covering 236,000 mu. The Regiment is also close to China’s gorgeous Taklamakan Desert, making it an especially scenic area. Administration of the Regiment was transferred to the city of Wujiaqiu under the XPCC’s 6th Division (a particularly strong Division) in 2017, beginning a period of great opportunity in the Regiment’s historic development.

The 50th Regiment’s future development: New Portside City
The 50th Regiment’s future development: New Portside City

二、招工时间 2020年1月17日到2020年3月31日。 三、招录条件 1.内地户籍人员;2.政治素质好、热爱兵团,服从团场工作分配;自觉履行屯垦戍边义务,必须遵守“兵团职工守则”,履行土地、职工、民兵“三位一体”制度,自觉缴纳社会保险;3.身体健康,无残疾、无精神病史,无吸毒史,有正常劳动能力(健康状况到团需要进行健康体检),无违法犯罪记录;4.自愿到50团落户,年龄在18-35周岁(男性可放宽到40岁,一户至少有一人要符合18-35周岁)。初中以上文化程度;大学生和退伍军人优先招录。

II. Hiring period: January 17th, 2020 to March 31st, 2020 III. Recruitment requirements: Must hold inland [i.e. non-Xinjiang, Tibet, etc.] hukou*; 2. Must be of good political caliber; be passionate about the regiment; obey assignments to Company projects; proactively fulfill the duty of cultivating and defending the borderlands; follow the “Behaviour Code for Military Regiment personnel”; undertake the “Three in One” management system for land, personnel, and the militia; proactively pay for social insurance; 3. Physically healthy with no disabilities; no history of mental illnesses or drug use; normal labour abilities (a physical exam is required upon arrival at the Regiment); no criminal records; 4. Willing to move hukou to the 50th Regiment; 18-35 years old (for men the upper limit can be raised to 40; at least one member of each hukou household should be between 18 and 35). Education levels should be above junior high school; university graduates and veterans are prioritized.

* The hukou is a form of residential registration, sort of like an internal passport determining where you can receive social welfare benefits

Small town residential complex
Small town residential complex

四、优惠政策 (一)岗位安置 1.按户招收,一次性落户3-4人家庭(2人家庭都符合18-35岁),招录1名职工;一次性落户5人及以上家庭,招录2名职工;每名职工按35亩标准划分土地。符合条件落户后按照《兵团连队职工管理办法(试行)》办理职工招录手续,享受一线职工各项政策,履行一线职工各项义务。2. 符合相关条件的按程序招录至幼儿园教师、保育员、辅警等岗位。3.支持到团场二三产业就业或自主创业。

IV. Benefits policy (1) Assignment of job positions 1. Hiring is processed by household: for each member of personnel hired, a 3-person or 4-person household can be settled (for 2-person households, both members should be between 18 and 35 years olds); each personnel member is allotted 35 mu of standardized land. Once settlement requirements are completed, members of personnel will be formally registered according to the Military Regiment Personnel Management Act (Trial), after which they will be able to enjoy the benefits afforded frontline personnel and perform front-line personnel duties. 2. Those who satisfy conditions can go through respective processes to be hired as kindergarten teachers, preschool caretakers, auxiliary police, etc. 3. The Regiment supports personnel who wish to work in the XPCC’s secondary or tertiary industries (industrial production, construction, logistics, or services), as well as those who wish to pursue independent entrepreneurship.

(二)住房保障 1.对新招录人员安置在团部楼房或连队平房,落户1-2人提供40-60平方米简装单身公寓;落户3-4人提供60平方米(超出面积以市场价支付租金)简装公租房,落户5人以上提供80平方米连队平房,达到基本入住条件;单身大学生、退伍士官安置单身宿舍或周转房。2.所提供租房前四年免租金,租赁期满后可租可买,购房可享受团场职工保障性住房补贴政策,每户4万元;租房按照公共租赁住房标准缴纳租金,购房时租金可抵房款。3.安置住房只享有居住权,无权进行交易、出租、抵押,如发现违规行为,团场收回安置住房,并给予一定的处罚。

(2) Housing guarantee 1. Newly recruited personnel are settled either in Regiment-owned multi-story buildings or in XPCC-owned detached bungalows; households with one or two members are provided with minimally furnished, 40-60 sq. m. single-person apartments (for extra floor area exceeding 60 sq. m., rent will be applied according to market prices), and households with 5 or more members are provided with 80 m2 XPCC-owned bungalows suitable for immediate move-in; single university graduates or veteran army officers are assigned single-resident dormitories or temporary housing. 2. For the first four years housing is provided free of cost; after this period, residents can choose to rent or purchase, and should they wish to purchase they can enjoy the housing subsidy provided to Regiment personnel, 40,000 RMB for each household. Should they wish to continue renting they will pay according to public rental housing rates, and if they eventually purchase the property, any amount of rent previous paid is deductible. 3. Personnel living in provided housing only have the right of residence, and are not permitted to conduct transactions, leases, or mortgages; if violations are discovered, the Corps will revoke housing provisions and apply appropriate penalties.

(三)人才补贴 1.新招录的全日制普通高校本科毕业生、退役士官在农业一线工作,按照新兵党发[2018]144号文件,符合各项条件政策的,每人每月可享受400元--1000元不等的生活补助。

(3) Talent subsidy 1. If relevant conditions are satisfied, newly hired graduates of full-time, ordinary higher education institutions with Bachelor’s degrees and veteran officers working on agricultural frontlines can enjoy a monthly allowance between 400-1000 RMB per person, in accordance with the XPCC Party Committee Document No. 144 (2018).

(四)社会保险和医疗 1.新招录职工,按规定缴纳社保费,服从连队管理、履行民兵义务和生态卫士职责,可享受兵团连队职工社保减负补贴政策(企业缴费部分全额补贴),并享受与老职工同等待遇。2.新招录职工社保缴费年限15年以上(含15年),达到国家法定退休年龄的,享受国家法定职工退休待遇。3.随迁家属在团参加城镇居民养老和医疗保险,年满60周岁的居民,可按国家规定每月发放居民基础性养老金。4.凡参加医疗保险人员生病住院可按兵团医保政策及比例享受医疗报销。落户本团人员每人每年免费健康体检一次。

(4) Social insurance and healthcare 1. Newly recruited personnel who pay social insurance fees according to regulations, obey Corp management, and fulfill the duties of militia and ecological defense are eligible for the XPCC personnel social security cost reduction subsidy policy (the amount paid by the employer is fully reimbursed), and enjoy the same treatment older personnel receive. 2. Newly recruited personnel who have paid social insurance fees for 15 years or more and have reached the national legal retirement age can enjoy employee retirement benefits according to national law. 3. Family members who relocate to the 50th Regiment with the personnel are entered into the Company’s urban resident pension and health insurance plans, and residents aged 60 years or above can receive monthly basic resident pension payments according to national regulations. 4. Those who participate in the health insurance plan can enjoy medical reimbursement according to the XPCC’s health insurance policy and rates if they are ill and require hospitalization. Individuals who move their hukou to the Company are provided with one free physical examination per year.

五、岗位安置 第三师图木舒克市公安局其盖麦旦派出所辅警 1.男性,年龄在18周岁以上,35周岁以下,内地籍户口。2.大专及以上学历,退伍军人和有特殊技能、专长的人员学历可放宽至高中(中专)。

V. Job position assignment Auxiliary Police — Qigaimaidan [Mandarin transliteration of Uyghur name] Police Station, Tumxuk City Public Security Bureau, XPCC 3rd Division. 1. Male, between 18 and 35 years old, holding an inland hukou 2. Obtained an Associates degree or above; for veterans and individuals with specialized skills or abilities, senior high school or vocational secondary school may be acceptable.


The following individuals are not eligible for this round of open recruitment: 1. Individuals who have been criminally prosecuted previously; 2. Individuals currently under investigation or suspected of criminal activities that have not been fully investigated; 3. Individuals currently under disciplinary sanction ordered by the Party or administrative procedures, and whose sanction periods have yet to elapse; 4. Individuals who have previously been dismissed or expelled from public employment; 5. Individuals whose direct blood relatives or close collateral relatives include people sentenced to death, currently serving prison sentences, or engaging in activities to subvert our country’s political system or cult activities within or outside the country; 6. Any other circumstances prescribed by the law, regulations, or relevant policies.

六、薪资待遇及福利 (一)薪酬标准 辅警自聘用上岗起算,试用期3个月,试用期工资按照试用期工资标准(80%%uFF09发放。薪酬福利参照《第三师图木舒克市辅警薪酬福利保障标准(试行)报名表》执行。工资结构由基本工资、津贴补贴两项组成。本科学历辅警,试用期满后,薪酬标准不低于102463.13元/年,大专学历辅警,试用期满后,薪酬标准不低于101014.52元/年,高中学历辅警,试用期满后,薪酬标准不低于91913.88元/年,历届大专以上毕业生根据工龄、学历以及团场地区类别等比照公务员工资标准核定薪酬标准。

VI. Salaries and benefits (1) Salary standards: for auxiliary police there is a 3-month probationary period, which begins on the day they arrive at the post; during the probationary period salary is paid according to probationary salary standards (80%). Both salaries and benefit standards are implemented according to the "3rd Division Tumxuk Auxiliary Police Salary, Benefits, and Insurance Standards (Trial) Sign-up Form". Salaries are made up of two parts: the basic salary and additional allowances. Auxiliary police with Bachelor’s degrees will earn no less than 102,463.13 RMB/year after their probationary period; auxiliary police with Associate’s degrees will earn no less than 101,014.52 RMB/year after their probationary period; auxiliary police with high school diplomas will earn no less than 91,913.88 RMB/year after their probationary period;* for graduates with Associate’s degrees or higher educational levels, salary is determined according to years of employment, academic qualifications, Corps employment site types, and comparison to public servants’ salary levels.

* The average income in China in 2019 was RMB 32,189 (approx. US$ 4950). In Xinjiang's urban areas in 2019, it was 34,554 RMB, and in rural areas 13,122 RMB. At least according to this article, 92,000 RMB per year for high school graduates is the second highest base salary for police in all of China, second only to Shanghai's forces (and Shanghai's property values are approximately 10 times greater than in Ürümqi). Remember that the 92,000 is for auxiliary police, too!

(二)增资标准 辅警工资的调整,参照公务员工资制度及相关政策调整比例执行。层级工资制度及动态调整机制,参照公安部、兵团公安局相关规定执行。

(2) Salary increase standards: adjustment to salary levels for auxiliary police is carried out according to public servants’ salary regulations and other relevant policies. Tiered salary systems and dynamic adjustment mechanisms should be implemented according to relevant regulations from the Ministry of Public Security and the Corps’ Public Security Bureau.

(三)福利 一是体检费标准,参照师市公安机关人民警察标准执行。二是大额医保标准,按照师市有关规定缴纳。三是年终一次性奖励金标准,参照师市公安机关民警标准执行。四是绩效奖标准,参照师市公安机关民警标准发放。四是伤亡抚恤按照《工伤保险条例》相关规定执行。五是婚假、丧假、产假、护理假、带薪休假等按相关文件规定执行。

(3) Benefits: the first category of benefits is physical examination fees, implemented under the Division-municipality’s public safety police standards. The second is large medical bills, paid according to relevant Division-municipality regulations. The third includes year-end one-time bonuses, paid according to the Division-municipality’s public safety police standards. The fourth is performance awards, given according to the Division-municipality’s public safety police standards. The fourth [sic] is the casualty pension, which is implemented according to relevant clauses in the Regulation on Work-Related Injury Insurances. The fifth is vacation days for marriage, mourning, birth, and nursing as well as paid holidays, all implemented according to relevant documents and regulations.

(四)可解决第三师图木舒克市户口,按师市引进人口政策执行,享受相关待遇。 (五)无住房人员可提供集体宿舍。 (六)夫妻双方均符合辅警招聘条件的,自愿应聘的可优先聘用;辅警聘用后,夫妻另一方可按照师市引进人口政策,就近安排就业。 

(4) Employees’ hukou can be moved to the 3rd Division in Tumxuk under the Division-municipality’s introduced population policy, and individuals can enjoy related benefits. (5) Individuals without housing can be provided with dormitories. (6) If both husband and wife satisfy requirements for auxiliary police recruitment and are interested in the position, spouses can be prioritized in the hiring process; once hired, the spouse in question will be assigned to a mutually convenient location under the Division-municipality’s introduced population policy.

六、设施农业和林果业补助政策 1.设施农业:2020年-2021年新建农业设施大棚(日光温室、钢架塑料大棚)的职工。按照“建一补一、先建后补”的原则,对每座标准日光温室,一次性补助4万元;对每座标准钢架塑料大棚,一次性补助1万元。

VI. [sic] Subsidies for Facility Agriculture, Forestry, and Fruit Farming 1. Facility agriculture: Staff employed in new agricultural facility greenhouses (including solar greenhouses and steel-frame plastic greenhouses) built between 2020-2021 are eligible for a one-time, 40,000 RMB subsidy per standard solar greenhouse, according to the principle of ‘Build One Subsidize One, Build First Subsidize Second’; each steel-frame plastic greenhouse can receive a one-time subsidy of 10,000 RMB.


2. Forestry and fruit farming: For apples, fragrant pears, grapes, pomegranates, cherries, pluots, prunes, and other fresh fruit trees newly planted between 2020-2021, subsidies are calculated for each whole field (of no less than 100 mu), and each mu will receive a one-time subsidy of 2,000 RMB.

七、教育补贴。 招录人员子女与老职工子女同等享受十五年(幼儿园-高中阶段)“两免一补”教育政策。

VII. Educational subsidy Children of both newly recruited personnel and older personnel can equally enjoy fifteen years (preschool to senior high school) of ‘Two Frees, One Subsidized’ educational policy benefits.*

* National educational policy for disadvantaged rural students: free textbooks, no miscellaneous fees, and subsidized living costs for boarding students.

八、培训补贴。 团场对新招录人员开展免费培训。职工每人每年还可享受一次免费的职业技能培训;配偶及随迁人员有培训需求的,可按规定免费参加各类职业技能培训。

VII. Training Subsidy The Regiment provides free training to all newly recruited staff. Each member of staff can enjoy one free vocational skill training session per year; if training is necessary, spouses and household members who relocate with the employee can attend relevant vocational skills training sessions free of cost


IX. Transportation Subsidy Newly recruited employees’ one-way transportation costs to the Regiment will receive a full, one-time reimbursement according to hard-seat (YZ Class) rates, upon presentation of verified train tickets with real names.

Interior view of assigned housing
Interior view of assigned housing


This Hiring Overview is valid from the date of publication, and should any other previous policies contradict, please treat this Hiring Overview as accurate. Click here to access the application form. If newer relevant policies are published by the national government, the Autonomous Region, the XPCC, or the Division, [we will] proceed according to the new policies.