Guma County Social Prevention and Control System

An archive of the original contract can be found here. There's a truncated version still online on 52114, a website which aggregates WeChat posts.

This July 2017, ~$50 million contract is for a comprehensive, two-decade long project that includes the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of an extensive set of surveillance and control infrastructure throughout this county in Xinjiang via a public-private partnership (PPP). The project is for a Social Prevention and Control System (社会面防控体系), which are not unique to Xinjiang. The details of the reveal unique aspects targeted at Muslims, however, and there are two things worth noting in particular. First, the fact that this contract specifically calls for the construction of a "Bureau of Justice transformation through education base monitoring and control system," suggesting there was a reeducation center already built or soon to be built in the county. Additionally, there are requirements for a "mosque sermon video system" (清真寺视频讲经系统) and "mosque video network system" (清真寺视频联网系统). ("Mosque sermon video system" is an extremely charitable, and literal, translation; I also considered calling it for what it is—a surveillance system).

Surveillance of mosques appears uniquely intensive, but is also part of a larger crackdown on freedom of religion under Xi Jinping. For your convenience, I ran some related terms for other religions into Google (Baidu censors the results: it has catalogued at least some of the pages, as evidenced by using different search terms, but does not return results based on the phrase "mosque video sermon system") to see if they came up with anything. "Mosque sermon video system" yielded fifteen results—a low number, but recall that almost every single procurement contract for re-education centers and the like were taken down after the publication of Zenz' paper, which is why they needed to be archived. Public bidding is not the only way construction projects are solicited, either.

Anyways, a search for "church" and "sermon video system" yields zero results, as do similar searches substituting a variety of other non-Islamic places of worship/religious buildings. This suggests that surveillance of other religious groups is perhaps more ad hoc. Mosque surveillance infrastructure is still being built through public bids, however; for example, here is a March 2020 bid for a mosque in Makit, Kashgar that I came upon while doing research on the phenomenon.

There is reporting in Western media that the PRC has recently begun to more intensely surveil Christian house churches, which for a long time have been generally tolerated as long as they aren't too uppity in the eyes of the government. Reuters in 2018 reported that security forces request a large Protestant church in Beijing, Beijing Zion Church, allow the installation of CCTV cameras across its building, which was refused. The result was the harassment of churchgoers and eventually the closing of the church. Here, though, we see evidence that surveillance of Christians—whose presence is technically against the law, in that they are not registered with one of China's officially recognized Christian governing organizations—still seem to have more leeway; authorities reportedly request that churches themselves take ID and phone numbers of attendees. I have yet to find reporting on installation of surveillance equipment inside state-sanctioned churches.

Most of the document is pretty boring legal/logistical stuff, and as it shows, we can't actually see the detailed requirements of the video system without obtaining the documents in person.


Announcement of Competitive Negotiations for Guma County Social Prevention and Control System PPP Construction Project


China CNT International Tendering Corporation is initiating competitive negotiations for the Guma County Social Prevention and Control System PPP Construction Project at the request of the Guma County Public Security Bureau. Applicants who pass the preliminary qualification assessment of this project are invited to partake in the competitive negotiations, procurement code: TC179H2TH.

一、项目批复: 根据皮山县人民政府的批复,皮山县社会面防控体系PPP建设项目已获准立项,(发改项目[2017]24号文批准)。

I. Project approval: Based on approval of the Guma County People's Government, Guma County Social Prevention and Control System PPP Construction Project has been established (approved in Development & Reform Commission Project (2017) Document 24).

二、项目地点: 新疆维吾尔自治区和田地区皮山县。

II. Project location: Guma County, Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

三、建设规模: 1、投资估算:本项目估算总投资约33599万元(最终以竣工验收审计决算为准),资金来源包括股本金和债务融资,股本金由股东出资,债务融资由社会资本合作方负责落实。政府方出资代表和社会资本方按照各自在项目公司中的股权比例确定各自应承担的投资金额,中标社会资本方以现金方式出资,政府方出资代表以现金或实物方式出资。项目总投资额与货币出资之间的资金缺口由项目公司作为融资主体融入资金,中选社会资本负责协助解决落实。

III. Construction scope: 1. Investment estimate: The estimated total investment for this project is approximately ¥335.99 million [roughly USD 50.3 million] (ultimately subject to final audit upon completion of construction). Funding will come from equity capital and debt financing. The equity is provided by the shareholders, and debt financing will be undertaken by the private capital partner. The government-funded representative and private capital partner shall determine the amount of investment to bear in accordance with their respective equity proportions in the project company. The contract winning private capital partner will contribute cash, and the government-funded representative will contribute in cash or in kind. The capital difference between the total investment of the project and the currency contribution will be funded by the project company as the financing entity, and the selected private capital partner will be responsible for assisting in implementation.


2. Construction content: To include a public security monitoring system, security checkpoint system, high-altitude observation system, electronic policing system, big data center, network and security system, video public security platform, mosque video sermon system, integrated operation and maintenance system, command center construction, computer room and supporting facility projects, mosque video network system, Bureau of Justice transformation through education base monitoring and control system, street-facing shops emergency alarm system [i.e. visible systems to call the police on the street].

四、合作内容: 1、采购范围:本次采购范围为皮山县社会面防控体系PPP项目的社会资本,共分为1个包。由成交社会资本负责本项目的投(融)资、设计、建设、运营、维护及移交。 2、合作期限:项目全生命周期共21年,其中建设期1年,运营维护期20年,运营期自项目竣工验收合格次日算起。 3、项目回报机制:本项目回报机制为政府付费。 4、风险分配结构:原则上,项目设计、建造、财务和运营维护等商业风险由社会资本方承担,法律、政策等风险由政府承担,不可抗力等风险双方共同承担。 5、具体合作模式:本项目运作模式采用DBFOT模式。

IV. Cooperation scope: 1. Procurement scope: The scope of this procurement is the private capital partner for Guma County Social Prevention and Control System PPP Construction Project, which is divided into one package [i.e. a single contract]. The transacted private capital partner is responsible for investment (financing), design, construction, operation, maintenance and delivery of this project. 2. Cooperation period: The project has a total lifespan of 21 years, of which construction is 1 year, and operation and maintenance is 20 years. The operation period starts the day after the project is completed and accepted. 3. Project payment mechanism: The project payment mechanism is government payment. 4. Risk allocation structure: In principle, commercial risks such as project design, construction, finances, operation and maintenance are borne by the private capital partner, legal and policy risks are borne by the government, and act-of-God risks are shared by both parties. 5. Specific cooperation mode: This project will operate under the DBFOT [Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Transfer] model.

五、竞争性磋商文件的获取: 1、时间:2017年7月24日至2017年7月28日(法定公休日、法定节假日除外)每日上午10 时00分至13时30分,下午15时30分至18时30分(北京时间,下同) 2、地点:中招国际招标有限公司新疆分公司(乌鲁木齐市新华北路165号中天广场1幢33层G室)3、方式:按照上述时间、地点携带单位出具的法人授权书、授权人身份证(复印件加盖公章)获取竞争性磋商文件。 4、售价:竞争性磋商文件每套售价1000元,售后不退。 5、未按规定获取的竞争性磋商文件不受法律保护,由此引起的一切后果,供应商自负。

V. Obtaining competitive negotiation documents: 1. Time: July 24, 2017 to July 28, 2017 (except statutory holidays) from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (Beijing Time, the same below) 2. Location: The Xinjiang branch of China International Tendering Co., Ltd. (Room G, 33rd Floor, Building 1, Zhongtian Plaza, 165 Xinhua North Road, Ürümqi) 3. At the above time and place, bring a legal representative authorization letter issued by the unit and the authorized person's ID card (a copy with official seal) to obtain competitive negotiation documents. 4. Price: The price of each set of competitive negotiation documents is ¥1000, non-refundable. 5. Competitive negotiation documents that are not obtained in accordance with regulations are not protected by law, and all consequences arising as a result shall be borne by the supplier.

六、竞争性磋商应答文件的递交: 1、提交竞争性磋商应答文件截止时间:2017年8月4日10时30分(北京时间) 2、提交竞争性磋商应答文件地点:乌鲁木齐市新华北路165号中天广场1幢43层会议室。 3、逾期提交或者未送达指定地点的竞争性磋商应答文件不予接受。 4、在递交竞争性磋商应答文件同时需提供法定代表人身份证明书原件或法定代表人授权委托书原件及被授权人加盖公章的身份证复印件、竞争性磋商保证金缴纳凭证复印件,未提供上述材料或提供不全,则无法进行竞争性磋商签到,即不能参与本项目的磋商。

6. Submitting competitive negotiation reply documents: 1. Deadline for submission of competitive negotiation reply documents: 10:30 am on August 4, 2017 (Beijing Time) 2. Place of submission for competitive negotiation reply documents: Conference Room on floor 43 of Building 1, Zhongtian Plaza, 165 Xinhua North Road, Ürümqi. 3. Competitive negotiation reply documents submitted late or not delivered at the designated location will not be accepted. 4. When submitting the competitive negotiation reply documents, provide the original legal representative’s identity certificate or an authorized representative of the original legal representative along with copy of the authorized person’s ID card, and a copy of the competitive negotiation deposit payment voucher. If the above materials are not provided or incomplete, sign-in is impossible; you will not be able to participate in negotiations over this project.

七、其他说明: 1、参与竞争性磋商的供应商应以电汇方式交纳40万元人民币的竞争性磋商保证金,具体详见竞争性磋商文件。 2、本项目优先采购本国货物和服务,必须进行的技术引进和转让需符合国家政策和有利于国内行业的发展。项目中涉及到的设备、材料属于政府采购节能产品、环境标志产品的,要求符合相关规定。 3、本项目采用资格预审方式,参与竞争性磋商的社会资本方必须为通过资格预审合格的申请人,不允许未进行资格预审的供应商参与竞争性磋商,。 4、发布公告的媒介:《新疆维吾尔自治区政府采购网》、《新疆经济报》、《皮山县政府网》同时发布。

VII. Other instructions 1. Suppliers participating in competitive negotiation shall pay a competitive negotiation deposit of ¥400,000 by wire transfer. For details, please refer to the competitive negotiation documents. 2. This project prioritized purchase of domestic goods and services, and necessary technology introduction and transfer must conform to national policy and be conducive to the development of domestic industry. If the equipment and materials involved in the project are government-purchased energy-saving products or environmentally labelled products, they must comply with relevant regulations. 3. This project adopts a pre-qualification method. The private capital partner participating in the competitive negotiations must be the applicant who has passed pre-qualification, and the suppliers who have not undergone pre-qualification are not allowed to participate in the competitive negotiation. 4. Media for issuing announcements: Simultaneously released at "Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government Procurement Online", "Xinjiang Economic News", and "Pishan County Government Online".

八、联系方式: 采购代理机构:中招国际招标有限公司 联系地址:乌鲁木齐市新华北路165号中天广场1幢33层G室 联系人:李娜、彭弋戈 联系电话:13621338326 、0991—2316185 传 真:0991-2316230 电子信箱

VIII. Contact Procurement agency: China CNT International Tendering Corporation Contact address: Room G, 33rd Floor, Building 1, Zhongtian Plaza, 165 Xinhua North Road, Ürümqi Contact persons: Li Na, Peng Yige Contact phones: 13621338326, 0991-2316185 Fax: 0991-2316230 Email address: