Sawan Integrated Information Collection Platform

Fourth row from the bottom on page 42 of the bid appendix. This is a translation of the text of the bid itself, posted on September 11, 2017 not the entire page. I stopped at the eighth and final section because I am lazy. You can find the archive here. (Red highlights indicate text I'm a bit fuzzy about re: the proper translation; I'm not an expert on contracting procedures in English or Chinese.)

Summary: This is a document justifying the default use of a certain company's (Beijing Oriental Golden Finger Technology, which is a... unique name choice) products instead of posting a public bid on the grounds of interoperability. The product here is the software and hardware necessary to collect a very large range biometric data, specifically for "Strike Hard detainees and transformation through education" detainees, as highlighted in the body below. The scale of the data collected is vast, but it should be noted that this data collection system is not unique to Xinjiang, according to this document.


Text of Bid Announcement

沙湾县公安局一体化信息采集工作台项目采用单一来源方式采购公示 一、采购人名称:沙湾县公安局 二、采购项目名称:沙湾县公安局一体化信息采集工作台项目采用单一来源方式采购论证公示 三、采购项目内容:一体化集成信息采集工作台 1、 主机:系统可以接入公安网 CPU:英特尔酷睿2双核以上 内存:2G 硬盘:≥320G 显示器:21.5寸 2、指掌纹采集仪 窗口面积≥117mm×117 mm 分辨率:500dpi 3、足迹采集仪:有效范围≥350 mm×150 mm 4、条码阅读器 扫描模式:650mm可视激光2极管单线扫描 5、身份证采集仪:可读取二代身份证信息 6、人像采集:500万像素 7、身高体重足长设备:医用常规 8、打印设备 打印机接口:USB2.0以上,A4幅面。 9、DNA干燥柜 温度范围:20%•RH- 60%•RH

Notice of the Sawan Public Security Bureau for the single-source procurement of an integrated information collection working platform I. Procurer name: Sawan Public Security Bureau II. Procurement project name: Notice of the Sawan Public Security Bureau for the proof of single-source procurement for an integrated information collection working platform III. Procurement project content: Integrated information collection working platform 1. Host: System connectable to public security network CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Core or above RAM: 2G Hard drive: ≥320G Monitor: 21.5 inch 2. Finger and palmprint collector Window surface area ≥ 117mm x 117mm Resolution: 500dpi 3. Footprint collector: effective range ≥ 350 mm x 150 mm 4. Barcode reader Scanning method: 650mm visible laser 2-pole tube, one-line scan 5. ID card collector: Able to read second-generation ID cards 6. Person-image collector [presumably faces]: 5 megapixels 7. Height, weight and foot length equipment: Medical standard 8. Printing equipment Printer port: USB 2.0 or above, A4 format 9. DNA drying cabinet Temperature range: 20% to 60% RH [relative humidity]

四、单一来源采购原因:根据地区《关于全面加强人员标准化信息采集工作的通知》塔地公刑通 [2017]111号文件、110号文件的精神要求。目前由于一体化集成采集设备是近年来,特别是新疆维稳需要提出来的新兴设备。主要针对常住人口、流动人口、有前科人员、两牢人员、出入境人员的基本人员信息及关系网采集认定,并且可以接入到公安内部网的特定设备。届时公安厅通过平台对严打收押人员及教育转化人员,采集工作进行督导检查。现拟申请采取单一来源采购方式购置。

IV. Reason for single-source procurement: In accordance with the requirements of the spirit of the Region's "Notice on Comprehensively Strengthening the Collection of Standardized Personnel Information," Tarbaghatay Public Security (2017) Document 111 and Document 110. At present, integrated collection equipment is an emerging [type of] equipment required especially in Xinjiang for stability maintenance in recent years. It is mainly targeted at the collection and confirmation of basic information and relationship networks of the permanent population, floating [i.e. internal migrant] population, those with criminal records, re-education through labor [this is a typo, and should be 两劳人员, which is how I translate it here], and people who cross the border. It should be connectable to specific equipment of the Public Security intranet. The Public Security Department will supervise and inspect the collection work of Strike Hard detainees and transformation through education people with the platform [this sentence also appears to have a typo]. [The Bureau] now intends to apply for single-source procurement.

五、专业人员的论证意见: (一)《关于全面加强人员标准化信息采集工作的通知》塔地公刑通 [2017]111号文件、110号文件我地区沙湾县公安局一体化集成信息采集工作台,上述软、硬件设备均为北京金手指公司产品为进一步,保证一体化集成信息采集数据库数据能有效对接、稳定传输,建议通过单一来源方式采购。 专家姓名:李金成 工作单位:塔城地区公安局刑科所所长 职 称:高级工程师

V. Professional evidentiary opinions

1. [Regarding the] "Notice on Comprehensively Strengthening the Work of Standardized Information Collection of Personnel" Tarbaghatay Public Security (2017) Document No. 111, Document No. 110 integrated information collection working platform of the Sawan County Public Security Bureau in our region: the above-mentioned software and hardware are all products [of] Beijing Golden Finger Company [that we] recommend be purchased from a single source to further ensure that the data in the integrated information collection database can be effectively connected and stably transmitted. Specialist name: Li Jincheng Work unit: Director of the Tarbaghatay PSB Criminal Divison Position title: Advanced engineer

(二)全国一体化集成信息采集数据库联网工作在公安部、公安厅领导下,按照统一规划、统一标准、统一接口的原则进行系统设计和建设,确保各级一体化集成信息采集数据系统互联互通、资源共享、统一指挥、协同作战。北京金手指是专业研发数据库系统的公司,我地区一体化集成信息采集数据库设备均为其公司的产品,在全国一体化集成信息采集数据建设应用中具有专一性和不可替代性。为确保数据库的正常运行,建议采用单一来源的方式采购软硬件设备。 专家姓名:杨树玉 工作单位:塔城地区公安局刑科所图像室主任 职 称:高级工程师

2. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security and the Department of Public Security [i.e. the superior organizations of the Public Security Bureau], the national integrated information collection database networking work is designed and built in accordance with the principles of unified planning, standards, and interfaces, ensuring at all levels the interconnection and interoperability of integrated information collection data systems, resource sharing, unified command, and coordinated operations. Beijing Golden Finger specializes in the research and development of database systems. The integrated integrated information collection database equipment in our region are all its products, which are specific and irreplaceable in the construction and application of integrated information collection data throughout the country. To ensure the normal operation of the database, it is recommended to purchase the software and hardware from a single source. Specialist name: Yang Shuyu Work unit: Director of the Tarbaghatay PSB Criminal Divison Office of Imagery Position title: Advanced engineer

(三)全国公安机关一体化集成信息采集数据库软硬件设备完全符合公安部制定的相关标准,在国内同类产品中处于技术领先地位,在全国公安机关得到了广泛应用,在应用中具有专一性和不可替代性。为确保全国公安机关一体化集成信息采集数据库查询、比对工作正常开展,建议采用单一来源的方式采购软硬件设备。 专家姓名:李岩 工作单位:塔城地区公安局刑科所 职 称:工程师

3. The software and hardware of the national public security integrated information collection database fully meets the relevant standards set by the Ministry of Public Security, and is in a leading position in technology among similar domestic products. It has been widely used in public security agencies across the country. It is specific and irreplaceable in its applications. In order to ensure queries and comparison operations of the integrated information collection database across the country, it is recommended to purchase software and hardware from a single source. Specialist name: Li Yan Work unit: Tarbaghatay PSB Criminal Divison Position title: Engineer

六、供应(生产)商:北京东方金指科技有限公司 公司地址:北京市海定区北四环路9号银谷大厦602室。 联系人:马文臣 公司联系电话:13319872081

VI. Supplier (producer): Beijing Oriental Golden Finger Technology Co., Ltd. Company address: Yingu Tower Room 602, 9 Fourth Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing Contact: Ma Wencheng Company contact phone: 13319872081


Supplier's estimated cost ¥130,000