Ulugqat County Transformation through Education Center Construction Project

Archive of original bid notice, from November 2016, can be found here. I was also able to find a PDF of the bid advertisement's run in a newspaper on November 12, 2016. After the translation is the embedded PDF with that section highlighted, if you're curious.

This contract is fairly straight forward: it's asking for the construction of the insides of a reeducation center, which was previously an elementary school. Note that this bid in particular is only calling for the outfitting of what appears to be a single building. The only detention center identified in the ASPI database in this part of Ulugqat is this one, which is larger than the listed 1836 square meters mentioned in the body; either this is a different one, or the contract is only for renovation of part of the building, which seems to be more likely.

一、招标条件 乌恰县教育转化中心建设项目已经由恰发改字【2016】314号备案。招标人为乌恰县司法局,工程所需资金来源为财政。项目已具备招标条件,现对该项目的乌恰县教育转化中心建设项目进行公开招标。评标办法详见招标文件。本工程拟采用资格后审方法选择合适的投标报名人参加投标。

I. Bid invitation conditions The Ulugqat County Transformation through Education Center Construction Project has been filed as the Ulugqat Reform and Development Commission (2016) Document No. 314. The bidder is the Ulugqat County Bureau of Justice and the requisite funding comes from government finances. The Ulugqat County Transformation through Education Center Construction Project bidding conditions are set and it is now open for bidding. Refer to the bidding documents for details on bid evaluation methods. It is intended that this project adopt the post-qualification method to select suitable applicants for bidding.

二、项目概况与招标范围 1.本次招标项目的建设地点:乌恰县黑孜苇乡原库拉力克小学院 2.工程规模:建筑面积:1836.5平方米,包括:教育转化中心办公室、视频监控指挥室、多媒体教室、警务监察室、社区矫正中心服刑人员宿舍和食堂等 3.本公告共划分为1个标段

II. Project overview and bid scope 1. Bid construction location: Inside the former Kulalik [approximate transliteration] Elementary School in Kiziloy Township, Ulugqat 2. Project scale: 1836.5 sq. m. [a bit under 20,000 square feet], including: Transformation through Education Center office, video surveillance and control command center, multimedia classroom, police control room, neighborhood correctional center detainee dormitory and cafeteria 3. The bid is divided into a single bid segment.

Below is the stuff in the table. I couldn't get a table into two columns without it being really ugly.

标段编号: WQX2016111407400101001 标段名称: 乌恰县教育转化中心建设项目 招标范围: 本工程招标文件、施工图纸及工程量清单范围内的所有内容。 工期(天): 120

Bid segment ID: WQX2016111407400101001 Bid segment name: Ulugqat County Transformation through Education Center Construction Project Bid scope: All content contained within the project bidding documents, construction schematics and project materials checklist. Period (days): 120

[Note: everything after this part is just extremely lightly edited machine translation because it's boring and unimportant]

三、投标人资格要求 1.资质等级及范围:[建筑工程三级](含)以上 2.项目负责人资质类别和等级:[建筑工程二级](含)以上 3.本次招标不接受联合体投标。 4.其他要求:投标企业报名时要求携带:授权委托书及被委托人身份证(委托代理人必须是参加社保的在职人员)、企业法人营业执照副本、资质证书副本、组织机构代码证副本、安全生产许可证副本、税务登记证副本、总公司基本用户银行开户许可证、注册建造师证及注册建造师安全考核证、项目班子人员(建造师、项目技术负责人、施工员、安全员、质检员、造价员、材料员、资料员)岗位证书(附项目班子成员表)及外地施工企业的进疆备案册、企业所在地出具社保证明、无拖欠农民工工资证明、无重大安全责任事故证明(“三无证明”有效期为一个月)、检察院出具检察机关行贿犯罪档案查询结果告知函(证明有效期为两个月)。上述证件均为原件并携带加盖公章的复印件一套。

III. Bidding qualifications 1. Qualification level and scope: [construction engineering level three] (inclusive) and above 2. Qualification category and level of the person in charge of the project: [Construction Engineering Level 2] (inclusive) and above 3. This tender does not accept consortium bids. 4. Other requirements: When the bidding company signs up, it is required to bring: the authorized person and the ID card of the authorized person (the authorized agent must be an in-service employee participating in social security), a copy of the corporate business license, a copy of the qualification certificate, a copy of the organization code certificate, a copy of the safety production license, a copy of the tax registration certificate, the basic user bank account opening permit of the head office, the registered constructor certificate and the registered constructor safety assessment certificate, project team personnel (construction engineer, project technical person in charge, construction worker, safety officer, quality inspector, cost officer, material officer, data officer) post certificate (with project team member table attached) and Xinjiang registration record of the out-of-town construction company, social guarantee certificate issued by the company's location, no payment owed to migrant workers, no major safety accidents Proof (the validity period of the "three no certificates" is one month), the procuratorate-issued notification letter of the investigation results of bribery crime files (the validity period of the certificate is two months). The above-mentioned certificates should be originals and a set of photocopies with official seal should be brought.

四、投标报名 1.报名截止时间:从2016年11月14日 10时30分到2016年11月18日 19时00分 2.报名地点:巴州博略工程造价咨询有限公司

IV. Bid registration 1. Deadline for registration: From 10:30 on November 14, 2016 to 19:00 on November 18, 2016 2. Registration location: Bazhou Bolue Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.

五、招标文件获取 1.领取时间:以代理公司通知的时间为准 2.领取方式:在巴州博略工程造价咨询有限公司现场领取

V. Obtaining Bidding Documents 1. Collection time: subject to the time notified by the agent 2. Collection method: Pick up at the site of Bazhou Bolue Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.


VI. Other explanations [this section is blank]

七、发布公告的媒介 本次招标公告同时在本次招标公告同时在新疆建设工程信息网、克州公共资源交易中心网、新疆信息网、《克孜勒苏日报》上发布。

VII. The medium of announcement The bid announcement was published on Xinjiang Construction Engineering Information Network, Kezhou Public Resource Trading Center Network, Xinjiang Information Network, and "Kiziloy Daily" [below] at the same time .